Thursday, December 6, 2012

Paper snowflakes: Create your own winter wonderland

Paper Snowflakes.  It's an endearing craft that touches the kid in me.  This year, I sat down with my youngest son after school and we worked on creating our own winter wonderland.

I referred to the Internet to refresh my memory and found loads of tutorials and how to's. Things have certainly changed since elementary school and I was amazed at the complexity and beauty of some of the paper snowflakes I saw.

It took some time to find one that I could do, and with my 7 year old we adjusted it a little. Vaughn found it hard to cut the snowflakes out since the paper became so thick after folding it over a few times.  So instead of cutting, he enjoyed gluing and sprinkling on glitter - which, in my opinion, really made the snowflakes 'pop'. (Note: be careful to not put too much glitter.  It can weigh the snowflakes down and they won't hang well).

What I really liked about this craft, is that I had everything I needed already at home and it is relatively easy.  But the absolute best thing, was spending time with my son just having fun.

  • white paper
  • scissors
  • glue and glitter (optional)

Paper Snowflake 'How To' web-sites we liked:

Vintage Junky: How to cut paper snowflakes (with template)
How About Orange: How to make 5-pointed paper snowflakes
Apartment Therapy: Two DIY Paper Snowflakes (these are really ornate and beautiful.)

You Tube Video: DIY: Beautiful  Paper Snowflakes

written by: Wendy Navarro,
Owner Saige Nicole's baby and toddler boutique

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